Congratulations on the purchase of your new K. Hovnanian® home!

Through a partnership with K. Hovnanian® Homes, Aqua Science was selected to install the water treatment products in your home. Every K. Hovnanian® home has a drinking water system under the kitchen sink that comes with a one year warranty. Please take a moment to activate your warranty for your drinking water system by filling out the registration form.

Why activate my warranty?

Your drinking water system will provide you and your family safe drinking water for as long as you properly maintain the system. By registering your system, you’ll activate your warranty, which also activates your membership in our Filter Club. As a Filter Club member, you’ll receive:

  • Email notifications for service reminders when it’s time to change out your filters
  • A discount on your annual service – save up to $45!
  • Discounts on “mail me” filters for those homeowners that prefer to change their own filters
  • Free phone tech support for all your water treatment questions